Saturday, June 14, 2008

On the Road Again (day five)

As I mentioned we spent the night at Travis and Kristy's home. They are so brave to have 8 people come invade their home. They are truly some of the most kind and loving people we've ever met...thanks Travis and Kristy!
Hannah loved their dog, Sire (hope I spelled that right).

Doggie hugs are the best!

Brycen and Joe...funny story about Brycen, a couple months ago Travis brought his family up when he came to the Lincoln store and when Brycen saw Aaron he said "people shouldn't be bald". You gotta love kids!

Brycen, Eeston, and Matthew playing in Brycen's room.
Joe was so over stimulate by this time in the trip....this is him throwing a tantrum.

Eeston and Matthew

Kristy and Aaron

Zack, Travis and Sire

We ended up stopping at Wilson's Creek Battlefield on our way home. It was a civil war battlefield. The kids were so ready to go home so we didn't stay long and I think Aaron and I enjoyed it more than they did..we'll have to go again when we're all a little fresher. It 's interesting to be in a place where so much history happened.

On our way home we approached a huge storm. It was strange because it just came upon us so fast...first it was beautiful and then black skies. We stopped at a Waffle House for dinner and by the time we were ready to go there was a beautiful sunset. It was nice to come home after our trip but we sure had a good time!


G Luv (no relation to the actual G Love) said...

Looks like so much fun! I miss seeing you semi frequently but love catching up on your blog.

Julie said...

What a fun trip! You are brave to take all the kids in the car for so long!! We're going to southern Utah next week and I'm dreading that !

~Michelle Schafer said...

I loved talking to you on the phone tonight. Thanks for not giving up on me as I am the most terrible at calling people back! Look at the time of this comment, this is when I usually think to return phone calls. Someday I will improve.

I want to know who did Megs hair and how they did it! Elizabeth is very vocally wondering!

Kim said...

Megan had her hair done at Silver Dollar was a little booth they had and Megan has informed me that it's called an angel do not a princess do. Anyway, they take this halo shaped scrunchie thing and hold it in place with a clip on the top of her head and then take a piece of hair at a time and twist it and wrap it around the "halo" then add more as they go around. Megan has figured out how to do it on her own..she wants to do mine...I guess I'll have to add a picture when she does it.