Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day Two in Branson

We got a really good deal on our hotel room, but part of that deal was that Aaron and I had to sit through a time share presentation. We had no problem saying no and we got our hotel for three nights (it was a suite) for 219.00. We also got free tickets to one of the attractions...we picked the Hollywood Wax Museum and a voucher to a nice restaurant...we went for dessert only (the voucher was only for 30.00). It was such a nice restaurant and we threatened the children if they didn't behave'll see in the pictures that they had fun acting sophisticated...
We had three beds in the hotel suite so Matthew slept on the floor in a sleeping bag and we put two chairs together to make a bed for Hannah....she fell asleep holding her brush.

Joe and Hannah were wearing their napkins like capes. I guess that's not very sophisticated......

Aaron and the kids in front of Lake Toneycomo
Joe refused to stay still for the picture, he was off running around.

We took a long drive around and stopped to get a couple pictures of Branson and Lake Toneycomo

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Piano Mom said...

Your kids have all grown up so much! It's been forever since I last saw you...I am so glad that Bobi has been collecting everyone's blogs.