Sunday, February 10, 2008

Zaner Waner

This is a picture of Zane with Lauren, Amy and Megan....taken in December 2007

Last night we went to pick up our nephew and cousin, Zane, from the airport. We are so excited that he's here. He'll be here for 2 weeks and all the kids are so happy to be able to spend so much time with him. We are so thankful that his mom has a job where she can get such a big discount for him to travel. It was only 65.00 bucks, round trip, for him to fly to us. Well, kind of to us, we had to go to Omaha to pick him up, which is about an hour away. He's such a good kid and gets along with everyone in our family. He's come a long way.......he was a pretty hard little boy....long story....anyway we just are so happy he's here. We're looking forward to taking him to the Children's Museum and showing him the sights here in Lincoln.


~Michelle Schafer said...

Zane IS a good kid! It is fun to see how much he has grown up! I am glad that he has a great hook up to come out there. Did he have a nice time on the plane?

Kim said...

I think the gameboy was his friend the whole way...he fell asleep in the car on the way home...I guess Nebraska is not exciting enough to stay awake...hee hee

~Michelle Schafer said...

Hey, the gameboy has saved us during parent teacher conference on a few occasions!

I just want you to know that I mentioned my blog address out loud at young women and I am pretty sure that one of the girls took note. I have hidden my comments and taken all my links off. I don't mind if she reads my blog, but I didn't think about the other people on my links and comments.

~Michelle Schafer said...

It is actually Teagan, who is in the picture that is on the front of my blog. She is marches to the beat of a different drum.