Thursday, February 7, 2008

I am a LOST junkie

I love the show Lost. I started watching it one summer when they showed all the episodes again after their first season. I got so into it. Now our whole family watches it and we love to talk about it afterward, what we think, who we think, how we think. We had to wait such a long time for the new shows to start and we're not disappointed at all! We have so many questions and we can't wait to see it the next week to find out what's going to happen....Now that we have DVR I can watch it at my convenience and fast forward through the commercials (can I just say the DVR is the best invention!)...Love it!!

Tomorrow is Aaron's birthday...he'll finally be 38 so he can stop saying I'm older than him. He has planned a wonderful night for us. I just found out tonight what we're doing...we are going to a night of's some charity thing where we get to go and have lots of chocolate..sounds yummy to me.

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~Michelle Schafer said...

I think it is funny that he teases you about being older than him. Do you ever tease him about being a baby (because he is soooooo much younger than you)?

We hope he had a great birthday! How was the chocolate?