Monday, February 25, 2008

Picture Time

Why is it so hard to get a good picture...I mean a picture where all the kids are looking at the camera at the same time and they are smiling sweetly and no one is making a silly face, or has their eyes closed....maybe this is just not possible!! At least for my kids it isn't.

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~Michelle Schafer said...

These are very cute pictures! I love seeing them all together like that! Is Zane enjoying his visit? What about when the kids are in school?

So, I have a friend that takes photos of people, kind of like I used to do, but she gets paid for it. Anyway, so she tells me on Sunday that she took some pictures of a very large group about a month ago and that none of them turned out very well because someone was always screwing it up. Not the same person, but some one. Then, when she was looking at them on her computer, she found one that she liked, but noticed something weird on one of the lady's heads. It took forever for her to figure out what the weird growth-like thing was. Finally, she realized that it was the lady's husband and he had been hiding behind her in all of the pictures. The customer was not very happy. It is soooooo hard to take pictures of a group. Kids are the worst because they have the attention span of 2 year olds. Literally.