Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Day of Love

Today is Valentine's Day. Aaron is working so we will not be going out to celebrate, so I thought I'd do something fun with the kids. I don't even know what yet. I'm sure it will come to me. I still haven't gotten anything for Aaron. I'm thinking I'm going to get him a pocket watch. He doesn't like to wear a watch, but I think he'd like a pocket watch because it's something different. He doesn't like chocolate very much and after our last date (we went to an evening of chocolate where they had all kinds of chocolate for all to taste)....I have to admit that after that I'm a bit chocolated out too....I never thought that was possible!! Anyway, Aaron and I may go to a late movie after work, but we're probably going to be too tired. I love Valentine's's one of my favorite holidays...I love the colors, pink, red, white, they look so good together! I love candy! I love....LOVE. We got the kids each a heart shaped box of candy. We were going to get them a stuffed animal too (our tradition) but I don't think the older kids really appreciate it anymore, why do they have to grow up so fast? I can remember two Valentine's Days from my youth, well I remember all the candy and cards at school from several years, but there are two fond memories at home. One was from when I was around 8 or 9. My mom made a really nice dinner and we ate with candlelite at the dining room table instead of the bar (where we usually ate). When we sat down at the table Jenny and I each had a big heart shaped box of candy. The other memory I have is when I was in Jr High and my mom gave me some perfume and matching was such a surprise and made me feel special. This year Aaron gave me a very nice card. He's so good about doing that.....getting cards for Valentine's day. Today is the day to remember love....I know I have more love in my life than I can possibly measure and for that I'm thankful!


~Michelle Schafer said...

Happy Valentines Day To Nebraska! We all love you and hope that you know we are thinking about you on Valentines Day!

We loved your package and hope that you got ours in time for Valentines day. I wish that we would have known that Zane would be there before we sent our package. Please give him a hug for us.

We love you! Hope you have a great day, even with the work schedule.

~Michelle Schafer said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I am having my friend buy me a flat iron. She is getting it tomorrow and I have been thinking about whether or not I will leave it on as much as you do. It has been on my mind a lot.

Kim said...

funny....I just left mine on....AGAIN...on Sunday. Aaron had to leave church to turn it off. It had started to melt the cup that got left too close to it....we're lucky I didn't burn the house down.