Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Birthday Boy

Joseph Henry Schafer was born on October 25th 2003 at 12:30 in the morning. He was just such a sweet only mostly bald baby. He was so spoiled from day one. I think he was held almost constantly. What a joy it is to have a baby with so many hands to help take care of him.

Joe is so full of energy and has the biggest imagination. When he was 3 he started to LOVE super heroes. He talked about them all the time and would pretend to be them. Once when we were at the Dr's he "became" Woolverine and jumped right off the table in the patient room into our Dr's arms....I can still picture the horrified look on the Dr's face!! There have been MANY other instances when he "became" the hulk and he would suddenly be shirtless. This happened everywhere, at home, at the store and even at Church. I remember one of the Primary Presidency coming up to me and saying "it's been a good day for Joe....he still has his shirt on"..... He also loves to snuggle with me and I soak every minute of that up now, for I know it won't always be so. He loves to wrestle with his older brothers..especially Josh. He loves for Matthew to spend time with him. He loves Hannah and although he does fight with her sometimes he's also very loving and protective of her. Last week we went to Kohl's and they were playing in the toy area while I was shopping in the kid's clothes area...I told him I was right over by the boys pants. As I was picking out pants for him I hear him talking to a woman..I heard "she has dark hair and she just got a haircut".....I called to him and said "I'm right here, bud"....He was trying to find me because Hannah had to go to the bathroom....he's always looking out for her....I love that! Being young with so many older siblings has it's ups and it's downs He has learned far too many potty the time he called the photographer a jerk when we were at kiddie kandids...he was only two and he had no idea what it meant...but we got a really good picture because all the kids were laughing. Or when he started saying "you scared me out of the crap". He is so smart too...already learning to read, he will be very ready for kindergarten next year!! A couple funny things I remember are...the time he was two...I was very pregnant with Hannah and I stopped and got him a happy meal at McDonalds (his favorite restaurant!)...anyway, I sat him down at the table and went to have a much wanted/needed nap...then next thing I know he walks in to my room and says "fwy in nose"...he had a fry in his nose!! I could not get it out and ended up not getting my much wanted/needed nap and it took three of us, me and two nurses, to hold him down while his Dr. got it out! Recently he was complaining about his tummy hurting while he was trying to go to the bathroom so I told him he had cramps in his tummy. A few minutes later Zack came and told me Joe was telling him about the "craps" in his tummy. Joe is a mischevious, adventurous, wonderful boy! He brings a smile to my face every day!

We will be in Utah for his birthday so I wanted to get this posted early. I love you are one of the biggest lights of my life!! Happy Happy Birthday, Joe!!!

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Alisa said...

I love all the funny things he has said! LOL! It is so interesting to see how little kids take new words and insert words that they know into it, creating some interesting combinations! Whenever we have hot dogs for dinner, we always laugh because Kelsey asks for "sour crap" on hers instead of sauerkraut! Happy Birthday to Joseph!