Saturday, October 4, 2008

LNS Marching Band

I finally got some good pictures of Josh marching in his cute uniform!! Aaron was getting irritated with me because I kept saying I needed a picture of him with his foofie thing in his hat....Aaron informed me it was called a "feather"...I like "foofie thing" better.....Anyway.. There was a game yesterday...our football team played North Platte (we won...28-21!) The marching band played two songs during half time...they did such a good job. Josh looked and did awesome and I'm so proud of him. He plays the saxophone and has been playing for 3 years now. His band teacher is also teaching him to play the french horn which he will play in concert band next semester. Today North Star Marching band is competing in Columbus Nebraska...I hope he has fun and does a good job....Go Gators!!

I snapped this picture just in time....that lady was grabbing the foofie things as fast as lightening and putting them away...a split second after this was taken Josh's was gone!!!


Lia said...

Way to go Josh!! I think that's so cool that you've been playing the sax. Girls like the sax. You must be really proud of him, Kim. He's looking so grown up too.

Cindy said...

I love this! I need to get Marissa's pictures on my blog!
Marikita plays french horn and hopefully he will like it!
Go Gators!!!

Deb said...

I like foofie thing too. Sounds more like a technical term. It is really cool that he is doing so well on the sax. Glad to hear you are all doing well.

Kristi Amasio said...

How fun. That's great that he is musical! That looks like such a nice school and a really nice football field. Fun!

Jacque said...

That is so cool. Why don't we see much of this in Utah?