Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Birthday Boy

My little Joshy is not so little time flies. Josh will be 14 tomorrow. He was the sweetest baby..just so full of love and smiles. He loved his mommy and didn't really discover how fun his dad was until he was about a year old. He talked early (full sentences by 18 months) and walked early (took his first steps just before he was 9 months). He has always been into computers, from the time his Grandad got our family one when he was just four years old. He also LOVES video games!! Out of all of my kids he is the messiest far! This picture of him with ice cream all over his mouth was taken when he was around 8 years old!! I think he still gets ice cream all over his face when he eats it. One of his weaknesses is that he is always trying to be the dad...I wonder how many times we have said "Josh, you're not the dad."....He has this strange NEED to be the enforcer of rules. I remember when he was younger he got so upset because I let Matthew play a game for ages 5 and up when he was only 4! Someone call the rule police! He is the child I would always find in the bathroom making "potions" with anything he could find in there. He is a friend to all and I'm often told by other kid's moms that he is a very nice and good boy. He loves baseball and is an awesome catcher. He is extremely smart but very lazy! That boy gets good grades but for the life of me I don't know how...he is never studying. He often comes home to tell me he did his homework on the bus. He has been the biggest help with the little ones. He loves babies and he'll even change diapers and give baths. He's just a good kid and I love him so much. Happy Birthday Josh.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Josh!
He sounds a lot like Erin. It's crazy how alike they are.

~Michelle Schafer said...

We love you Josh! We went over to visit Grandpa Schafer on his (& your) birthday and planned on coming home to call and sing to you, but our friends, the Greenwoods were at our house when we got home and stayed for a nice visit.

I just told Robert that we didn't get a chance to call and his response was: "Well, it's not quite midnight there, you could give it a try." Nice. Real nice.

We love you Josh. One of my favorite things to remember from when you were so little is your "china man" stance. Another is that you turned out to be such a cutie, even when your older brother used to scratch the heck out of your face. I have pictures.

Lia said...

They're all growing up so quickly! Josh looks so different! And Joe has shaggy curly hair! He was bald the last time I saw him. Tell Josh "Happy Birthday" from us.

Jacque said...

Happy Birthday Josh, man I can't believe how fast our kids grow up. He sounds like a keeper.

Harried hairdresser said...

Josh has sure changes a lot over the years. He has such a mature look about him that Kyle just hasn't reached yet. He is very handsome.