Tuesday, July 8, 2008

5 and 10

I've been tagged by my friend Julie...so here it goes

10 Years Ago- I was extremely pregnant with Matthew. On July 17th we had a big birthday party for Josh (he was turning 4 on July 27th). I did the party early so we wouldn't have to worry about having a baby on the party day (my due date was July 30). Well I remember doing so much running up and down the basement stairs on the day of the party that I was so sore the next day and I could hardly even walk...I prayed and prayed I wouldn't have the baby that day (I don't think I would of been able to open my legs to let him out!!). I didn't have him the next day, but I did have him 10 days early on the 20th.

5 Years Ago- I was pregnant with Joe...we were all mourning the loss of our beloved dog Zoe. She died July 3rd. We were still in the townhouses but were thinking about selling. I was substituting at the elementary school and Aaron was working for Rumbi.

5 Months Ago- We were getting used to our new home in Lincoln. The weather was so dreary and I was missing my family. The kids were making new friends and finding their places.

My List of 5 Things To Do Tomorrow-


2-get ready for my Uppercase Living party

3-maybe go VT if I can get a hold of my sisters

4-take Zack to work (he has a job at Cold Stone)


5 Bad Habits- (only 5??)


2-being inconsistent with my kids

3-eating when I'm stressed

4-popping my knuckles

5-watching too much TV

5 Places I've Lived- (again, only 5?)

1-La Palma, CA

2-La Mesa, CA

3-Midvale, UT

4-St. George, UT (twice, once when a teen and also last year)

5-Lincoln, NE

5 Things People Don't Know About Me-

This one is hard...I'm not much of a secret keeper about myself...I think I'm an open book.

1-I wanted to go on a mission but my Bishop told me I would miss my marriage window. (I'm still not convinced that's true!)

2-I was a nanny for three children who lost their mom to cancer.

3-I often feel like I'm annoying to other people because I talk too much.

4-I think feet are beautiful.

5-I have a tattoo.

Now, I tag Alison, Michelle S., Stephanie and Stacie.


Lia said...

Hey we were both doing that blog at the same time!! I love feet too!! Mine are looking marvelous at the moment. They always look good in the morning before they get stomped on all day long!!

G Luv (no relation to the actual G Love) said...

You definitely aren't annoying and the next time I see you I want to see that tattoo! Angie

Stacie said...

I'm tagged! Okay-

Kristi said...

Wow Kim. Fun to read this. So I am curious. Where is your tatoo?? What is the tatoo of? I remember when you hubby worked at Rumbi's and we were there eating all the time. I loved that place!

Alisa said...

I love reading these kinds of things- I feel like it helps me get to know people so much better than I otherwise would be able to. Have you ever noticed that when friends are together a lot of talking happens, but you don't necessarily get to know them better? I really like this about blogging! It is nice getting to know you better, Kim!

Jacque said...

I totally remeber that birthday party for Josh, it was fun. I think you are such a fun person to talk to, don't ever think you are annoying. You need to post a piture of the tatoo.