Monday, January 28, 2008

Shiny feet

Conversation in the car the other day

Zack: Mom, I forgot to tell you about the other night when you were at enrichment....Joe came downstairs and said "look at my shiny foot" I looked and he was wearing a condom on his foot!!
Joe: It wasn't for my foot,'s for dad's penis!
Me: Who told him that?????
Zack: I did. You and dad are always honest with us so I told him the truth.
Me: Yes but we are honest with you after we have had the sex talk with you.

I can only hope and pray that Joe doesn't share this bit of info with anyone besides us. Joe knows so much more than my older kids did at this age.......*sigh*

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~Michelle Schafer said...

Shiny is good! Isn't it amazing how much the younger kids learn from the older kids? My older kids never said "Shut Up" or "Idiot" because there wasn't anyone saying that in our home. Now the younger kids know those words very well.

I think that the openness comment was a compliment to you. Good job!