Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I can remember when I was around 12 or 13 I was visiting a friend and we were outside in her neighborhood where there were several families out doing yard work, washing cars, etc......All of sudden we all heard this blood curdling scream....and we all looked to see one of the neighbors standing at the top of her drive way where she proceeded to yell very loudly...for all to hear...."CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!" Okay, at this point the whole neighborhood was cracking up...my self included.....I knew it was funny, but I did not really understand what would cause a perfectly sane woman (at least I think she was sane) to make such a scene. Now I have kids....now I understand this.....now I want Calgon to take me away!! I've tried it, Calgon I mean, it's nothing really special.....and the only place it took me was into a tub that was too small for my body and back out again to be the mom.......It did smell good though.

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~Michelle Schafer said...

I wish that ad lived up to it's commercial! I remember yelling that phrase as a youngster myself, not knowing what it was really about! I too have been let down by the false hope that it would do more than give you scented water.