Saturday, January 19, 2008


Last Monday for family night we played games. First we played a game called "I can do that" it's a Dr Seuss game that Joe got for Christmas. It was a cute one and the kids had fun with it. Then we turned a movie on for the little kids and Zack, Josh, Megan and I played a game called Loaded Questions. In this game you answer questions on your own piece of paper and then take turns listening to all the answers and trying to guess who said what. Well one of the questions was "What will your last words be before you die". Zack said that my last words would be "I think I left my flat iron on" and boy did everyone get a big kick out of that, we all laughed and laughed. I love when we have those fun family moments. My biggest hope is for my kids to grow up and remember that we did have fun.

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