Saturday, January 19, 2008


Before we moved we told the kids that if we could have a dog in our new house, we'd get one. Well, we can have a dog so we've been looking at the humane society and just haven't found one. So last Friday we went to Omaha to look there. We didn't find one. We got a paper and found a kennel. We decided to go look for fun. We played with several dogs and we all fell in love with Molly. She's a beagle. Her birthday is October 11th and she's just the sweetest little girl. She loves to snuggled and she also loves to play. She is a puppy and the potty training can be taxing but she's learned fairly quick. She also loves to chew and hopefully this will help us to keep things picked up. Joe and Hannah are doing so well with her. Joe will play with her and Hannah loves to join in. I keep thinking back and remembering that at one point Zoe outgrew all the puppy stuff and became a really good dog. I think Molly will be the same. She's so even tempered so far. I just love her.

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