Monday, January 21, 2008


I have an anger problem. I know it's a problem because I see my kids acting the way I do. I know I need to do something about this but I'm not sure where to turn or what to do. I know I need to pray and ask Heavenly Father for help and I've done this many times but I know I need to be willing to find ways to help myself. I just want peace in my family. It seems the anger is a viscous circle. Perhaps there is a good book out there to help me, perhaps counseling is the answer. All I know is that something must be done now. I can't go on like this, my family can't go on like this. We have so much fun sometimes but many times it's just very unhappy around here. It makes me sad that I've let my upbringing dictate what kind of mother I am. I will have to continue to work on is sure hard sometimes...maybe most of the time.

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