Thursday, May 30, 2013

That's why it's so green here

After their fun in the rain

We've been having some really awesome Thunderstorms!  Lightening and super loud claps of's truly amazing.  Tonight the kiddos wanted to play in the rain....Aaron let them because he's an awesome dad like that...they had so much fun.....boy were they drenched!!  They had to strip right there on the front porch.  Aaron held a towel up so they were not showing their goodies to the world or our neighbors.....

While taking the pictures we noticed the rain was coming down in a sheet off the corner of the later, after his meeting at the Church, Aaron found that the rain spout was clogged so he fixed's sure nice having a handy guy around.....

yeah....the rain gutter was clogged....Aaron fixed it soon after this.

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