Saturday, May 25, 2013

Princess Hannah

This girl can make a party out of any situation!  She is always entertaining herself.  She's also one of  the biggest pack rats I've ever  met.  If you were to open one or all of her dresser drawers you might find many things in there besides clothes, like....a ball of clay, papers from school, old Valentines, a hanger, stuffed animals, an old transistor radio, headbands or a box of chalk.  Yesterday I bribed her to clean her room.  I told her if she would clean while I was sleeping, I would take her to get a couple sundresses.  She cleaned it...part of which consisted of pushing things out of the middle of the room to the edges of the room...but it did look a TON better so she got two new sundresses and she was happy and now she can actually play in there....until it's a gigantic mess again.  I give it two days, maybe three.  

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