Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Post From Megan

Megan... This is a blog entry by Megan Schafer.
My mom is the best!
She is cool enough to let me stay up and write this, right now its 10:20.
Oh, and guess what...Everyone is asleep, or they should be.
My mom is cool she took us to the zoo ( oh and thanks grandma kay too).
We got our pictures taken earlier, and she helped keep Hannah and Joe still and smiling, and that's hard to do! Any other mom would just leave it to the photographer.
Ope Dads hope from the store he's cool too. I wounder what he'll say about me being on and writing this. My moms so cool she might even check the spelling of this for me because it summer and I have forgot how to spell every thing. My teacher will luv me. Any way, now my mom is singing to Hannah, again. She does that a lot Hannah likes a lot the same songs! And then sings them to me to even if i tell her I want to sleep. Oh, I guess I have to go..."OK now go to bed"


Alisa said...

Cute! How many preteens would say that their Mom is cool? You should be proud!

Lia said...

Yup! You're pretty awesome!