Friday, July 3, 2009


OH MAN!! I have LOVED watching Josh's games this year! This is his sixth year playing Little League. He's played in West Valley, Magna, St. George and now Lincoln. When we signed Josh up last year we didn't know anyone and so we didn't request a certain team. He was assigned with Coach Dean. Dean is an awesome man who volunteers his time as a coach and he doesn't even have a son on the team. (though he has a close family friend on the team) Last year those boys worked so hard and tried and tried and didn't win a game! It was so sad and so hard for them to lose each game. So, this year when Josh found out he was with Coach Dean again we were a little weary...wondering if we'd have a losing season again. About half the boys from last year are back with a few new ones. Coach Dean had some help from Joey...a wonderful coach who has helped the boys with their pitching, hitting and catching skills. The boys have an awesome cheering section of mom's, dad's, friends and other relatives....we all love to watch them! So far they have won 8 and lost 6......although winning isn't sure feels good!

These pictures were taken last year and though I wish I could take credit for them....I can't, they were taken by a grandmother of one of the players and she gave them to us. I love them!
Josh has improved so much with his hitting this year.

He usually plays catcher...or in the outfield.

He's really good about flipping off his helmet so he can go after the ball.

This was an awesome play.....he tagged him out!!


Lara said...

LOVE the last picture!!

~Sister Boogie Woman said...

I love the pictures!!! Josh, you rock!

Lia said...

I love the pics!! Way to go Josh. Isn't it great watching your kids play!?