Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just the Facts Ma'am

Yesterday was a long day. I was up at 345am, after a not very good night of sleep, getting ready for work. I worked all day, came home took the kids to Amigos (fast food restaurant) (Zane has been begging for a frenchee, which is a very very sinful deep fried grilled cheese sandwich), then we went to Walmart where Matthew spent some of his birthday money on Mario Kart....we came home and I got ready to go and volunteer at the Lofte...that is where Zack is performing in the play "Crazy For You". I sat at a table selling raffle tickets. The Lofte is WAAAAYYY out in the land of corn....about 45 minutes from our house. It's a very scenic..cornish drive! So after sitting at the raffle table I got to see the play for's so good! Well..the cast was having a party afterwards and everyone was spending the night out there in tents....Zack left his stuff in my van so I had to wait for him after the show to get his the time I was out on the road it was around 1030....I was exhausted...I do mean exhausted! I wondered how I was going to make it home. I got about five minutes away when Zack called...he left his insulin in the van...I had to turn around and go back. it was pitch black out!!! I could not see a thing! I could not find the road I needed to turn onto to get to the Lofte.....I was driving slowly and looking at my GPS. There was a car right behind me so I pulled over onto a dirt road to let him pass...he did not go around me...he also pulled onto the dirt road and pulled up right behind me...I was freaked! I was alone and there was NO ONE around! Then the lights came on...the flashing red and blue lights...and the BIG flood light!! The officer asked me if everything was okay....he noticed I was driving very slowly and swerving a little....oh my, I thought....I'm so stinkin tired that if this guy asked me to get out and walk a straight line...I don't think I'd be able to do it!! Luckily he believed the truth...I was lost!! He let me follow him to the Lofte...thank you officer! I got Zack his meds and made it home at 1130 and was up again at 4am to go to work......needless to say I took a nap today!

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Lia said...

Wow! I bet having the cop behind you gave you a little jolt! Scary! Sounds like you had a busy, but fun, day.