Sunday, May 27, 2012

Two Graduations and a Party

It's been a crazy busy week.  First off Grandma and Grandpa Schafer came for Josh's graduation.  They've been here for five days and it's actually been pleasant....I mean, no fights, which is a miracle!  LOL!  They leave for Utah tomorrow and they will be taking Matthew with them.  I'm not sure how he'll get home or when but we'll figure it out.
  So, speaking of Matthew he graduated from Middle School....he will not be a freshman in high school in the fall.....can't believe my little Chewey is growing up!!!
 We also had a big graduation party for Josh last night.  I was extremely worried about the weather and was just hoping and praying for no rain....which I must say thanks because it didn't it was windy and a bit chilly but no rain!!  Yay!  We had Josh's party at Mohoney Park,  and it was a great turn out.  So many friends came and we are so thankful.  I had lots of help from Aaron (of coarse) and Josh's girlfriend, Tori,  Megan and my friend Marcia.  When we got home my mouth hurt from smiling....which, I think, is a very good thing!
Tonight Josh graduated and it was wonderful!!!!  I am so happy to say I am the mother of two high school graduates!  I have four more to get there but I'm a third of the way there.  I did not graduate from high school so it means so much to me to get my kids there!  I'm so proud of all of my kids and love watching them grow and learn.  At times it's not easy but it's always worth it!  

 Matthew and his friend Hunter with their 8th grade graduation certificates.  How do like those outfits....
 Now a nice pose for the moms.
 The cake turned out so nice (thanks Sam's Club) and it's a good thing I got a picture because I didn't get a piece of was GONE!
 Josh with Lauren and Lainey
 I nice punch in the face!
 My AJ got in this picture so Josh could be surrounded by AJs.  
 Josh with some of his besties.
 Hannah met a new best friend at the park and invited her on over some cake.
 Josh with Tori and her family.
 Josh and Tori
 I swear I tried to get a good picture of my inlaws and this is the best I could get....that's Bishop Flack with his wife Judy in the picture too. 
 Everyone checking out the "shrine"....I forgot to take a picture of the shrine!!  
 Josh with Tori, Marissa, John and another friend, I don't know his name :( 
 Josh with his good friend Benes pronounced BEANS...his first name is Matthew but we all call him by his last name which is really pronounced BENNISH but is spelled BENES, hence the nickname Beans.  
 Josh and some of his besties.
 A bro pic
 Josh and Tori....she was freezing and I was glad we had a blanket for her.
 Josh was in love with this baby...she was pretty stinkin cute!  
 My baby boy is graduating!!  
A look to the future and it's lookin pretty bright~

 Joshua Aaron Schafer 2012 Graduate!
Josh with Grandma and Grandpa...finally a good picture of them!!  

Tori and Josh

Josh and his momma!!  Couldn't be more proud!! 

Josh with his best friends David and Austin

Proud Mom and Dad...what a beautiful moment!!

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