Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Tonight Josh told me this story.......  Hannah made a bug box.  She had two flies and a moth in there.  The flies were named "two legs" and "plays dead" and the moth was named "crazy".  She told Josh that "two legs" tried to get away but she got him back and it was a good thing she ripped one of his wings off so he couldn't fly away.  She told him she had a mandarin orange in there for crazy the moth to eat and she put some dog poop in there for the flies to eat.  Josh told her she could leave the mandarin orange in there but that the dog poo must be flushed down the toilet...when he tried to explain to her that "plays dead" was perhaps really dead she said "he's not!  He just doesn't move very much."  This all happened while Megan and I were out this afternoon running errands and I seriously don't know weather to laugh or be completely mortified.

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