Friday, May 11, 2012


Life is so busy!  Here are some things that have been going on with us.

*Josh is graduating!!  I can't believe I will have two high school graduates!!  I wonder how someone as young as me can possibly have two out of high school...hee hee....  After graduation Josh plans on going to UNL(University of Nebraska Lincoln)  for a year before he leaves on his mission.  He wants to teach high school Drama and English.  He's also going to be performing in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at Pinewood Bowl (a local outdoor theatre).   He's had such an awesome year and I'm just really proud of him. 

*Zack made it through his first year of college.  He's attending UofU...he LOVES it.  He's going for his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre.  He's made many friends and is just having a grand time.  I miss him like crazy and wish I could see him more often.  He's working at Forever 21 at the new City Creek Center.  He really likes it there and if you live in the Salt Lake area you should go visit him!!  I love seeing all his pictures on facebook but it makes me miss him more!

*Aaron got a new job.  He's working for a company called Duct Medic.  He's doing two things he likes a lot....driving around the whole city of Lincoln and talking to many people.  He also was able to bring home the equipment and clean out our vents....bonus!! 

* Megan is trying to find a summer job.  She is wanting to save for a trip to France next year.  She loves French and is starting to speak it a lot!!  She is teaching her dog to understand French..which I find rather comical.  She recently attended a language fair at UNL and won first place in the poetry competition when she recited a poem in perfect French!  We all about fell on the floor when she announced that she will be going to Girls Camp (with our church) this year.  She HATES camping and after the first two years of going and hating every minute we did not make her go last year, but this year they are going to a place that has indoor showers and cabins so she's going...woo hoo!! 

*Matthew got braces!!  Out of all of our kids he needs them the most so I'm so so glad he's got them and on his journey to nice straight teeth.  He told me so many times that he didn't want them and still tells me this...I just keep telling him that one day he will thank me.  He's made a new really good friend and they spend every chance they get riding bikes and ripsticks and such....He will start High School next year.  Aaron and I were talking about how we used to always call him Chewey and how it's a little sad that we don't so much anymore.  It still sounds so strange when people call him Matt.....I guess he'll just never be a Matt to me, but all of his church leaders and teachers and friends at school call him that.  He is very close to being as tall as me and soon I will have four who are taller than me!

*Hannah is going through a kind of bratty phase.  Perhaps it's rude to say that...but it's just so true.  I suppose being the youngest and being rather spoiled is coming back to bite us in the bum now.  She just whines and cries over everything....but she's so cute that I have to forgive her.  She loves school and has made many many friends.  She's extremely social and I know she's gotten in trouble for talking and socializing instead of doing school work.  She recently lost one of her top front teeth and she looks super cute!  Her teachers tell me she is extremely smart and will eventually be in diff classes (advanced). 

*My Joe has finally found some relief for his anger.  It comes in the form of a new medication that to us is a god send.  I just can't tell you how much of a difference it's made in his life.  This is a boy who daily was in trouble....and I mean major trouble (spending the day in the principals office kind of trouble).  He has now gone almost three weeks without getting in trouble.  He's been able to focus on himself instead of everyone around him.  He told me he just doesn't feel mad anymore!  People!!  This is huge!!  He's happy!  Now, he still gets upset but it's regular upset and not "THE HULK" upset.  After many trials and a couple different DR.s we found one who really listened and we've discovered that Joe suffers from Anxiety and OCD....not the wash your hands a million times kind of OCD but the kind where he has complete melt downs when he can't control all that goes on around him.'s such a good thing and people that know Joe just can't believe the difference in him.  Joe has been taking an Art class after school and he really loves it. 

* I'mstill working at the hospital overnights in the ER.  I'm getting pretty burned out with it and really miss being a stay at home mom.  I'd really like to get back into working out and eating better (the story of my life).  I joined a book club.  I am going to Indiana in June with Josh (he made it to Nationals in Speech).  I hope hope hope to make a trip to Utah sometime in the summer. 

Well, that's some of what's going on with us..... 

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