Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Last Sentence

I found this author I really love. When I read her books I think to myself...now this is a woman I could be friends with. I truly enjoy her. I just read a book of short stories by her and the last story was especially nice. There is a time in it where the characters are discussing what they would say to their children if they could only use one sentence.....their last sentence....and I started to think, what would I say? I thought of all the moments with my kids...all the excitement, struggle, fun times, bad times, laughter, tears, sorrows, triumphs, hysteria, guilt, pride, disappointment, love, longing, playfulness, humor, stubbornness and utter sweetness......and just when I thought I could never come up with just one sentence, one came right to me.....

It's been worth every single minute!

*ps....Happy Birthday to my sweet little Grandma.....I miss you every day!

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Susan R said...

Definitely something to think about. I agree with you.