Monday, August 23, 2010


Zack left for California and then Utah (insert my jealous face here) and was gone for 3 weeks! I missed him and was so glad when he came back and he brought my nephew Zane with him....BONUS! Then joyful sister and my aunt came a few days later. We had a wonderful time! They spent way too much money on us and brought and left many many blessings for us!! We went out to dinner more times than I've been out since we moved here! It was so fun to be with my sister and my aunt and have that girl time that I've been missing oh so much! My face hurt from all the laughing we did.....the last night they were here I slept over at the hotel with Jenny and Jo.....I even got permission from Aaron....and in the morning we called the kids and told them to meet us at IHOP (have I mentioned how nice it is to have kids who drive?). We all had the lovely just got out of bed look and the manager was so kind to take our picture. when they left they took our Jasper to his forever home with my inlaws.....I had to pry him out of Hannah's hands...she was not happy to see him go and begged me to let her go with him. It was way too short of a visit and I'm ready to move back to Utah now.

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Lia said...

You just need to pack up and move back!