Thursday, August 5, 2010

Life in the ER I've been working in the ER for 2 months now. It's sometimes funny....sometimes sad.....sometimes heartwrenching.....sometimes irritating......sometimes stressful and always interesting. The most surprising things are

1. How many people come to the ER in the middle of the night.
2. How many people do not bathe.
3. How many people come to ER for bug bites.
4. How many people overdose.
5. How much I can see and not be sick...or even feel sick.

I've seen heart attacks, stabbings, car accident victims, stomach pains...tons and tons of stomach pains, dog bites, lacerations, mental illness, a person stepped on by a bull, a man who fell on his face into a fence post, people who've been assaulted, one a woman who had her face fractured in three places by her husband, strokes, burns, broken hands...amazing how many guys like to hit walls when they are mad, guess what?? The wall always wins!.....I've seen many many drunk people......some funny some not so much. Surprisingly...I've not seen a lot of death. It's been hard to change jobs and meet all new people...but I like it..... most of the time.


Susan said...

Some of the exact reasons I left the ER. They couldn't pay me enough. I'm glad there are people who will put up with it though.

Suzie said...

This makes me remember the 10 years that I worked in the ER. Loved it, hated it and sometimes got bored with it, too many babies with fevers, ear aches etc. that really should be seen in an office, NOT ER. So, you haven't gotten any really funny stories yet, like pink foaming bubble bath stuck up bums or batteries, toothbrushes and staples showing up in peoples abd xrays or a wedding ring stuck ummmm, arond the family jewels??? Oh the days part of me will always miss it, the other part never will.

Lia said...

Your job sounds very interesting. Sometimes I think I'd like to work in an ER. I'm glad you like it....sometimes.

Mary King said...

Thats funny about guys hitting walls. A couple years ago Bill was mad one night and hit our fridge and lost and broke his hand and had to have surgery on it. LOL Silly men.

Annalysha said...

Wow! I can't imagne doing that! So amazing and heartbreaking and wonderful all at the same time. must make you grateful for your life....huh?