Tuesday, August 10, 2010

thanks for sharing

On Friday we went to the the North Star marching band's family night. The marching band practiced all week and on Friday they had an exhibition to show off all they learned. After the exhibition everyone was invited inside where we all sat to watch a slide show of the week in pictures and video. I was sitting there next to my friend Angie (another theater/marching band mom). Hannah was sitting on the other side of her....she asked "What's your name." and Angie said "Angie, what's your name?" and Hannah said "Hannah...I feed our dogs people food.".......just in case Angie was wondering....

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Susan said...

Okay, I have something to say about this.
I was at a combined YW, End of Summer BBQ last Wednesday and we cooked burgers. They had a Chocolate Lab named Jake and he so badly wanted a burger. I was feeding him little bits of burger, nothing on it, and the husband of the woman's house we were at said, "Did Kathy tell you to give him that?" I said, "No, but I asked Jake and he said it was okay." I was met with a LOOK and a blank stare. I felt bad and kind of embarrassed, but geeez...what's the big deal? What's your take on this?