Wednesday, February 17, 2010

some more stuff

1. I'm done being sick..finally. Have I mentioned that I'm not a good sick person?

2. Joe is really struggling...we could use some prayers. He's close to being the first boy ever to be kicked out of kindergarten. Well, maybe not the first boy ever...but MY first boy ever. He is just so quick to anger and lashes out at other kids. He has an appointment with a counselor in March. I'm just feeling so badly about this and wondering what I've done, or not done to produce this angry child. I don't think the medication is working very well and I actually think it may be making things worse. ***Big Ole Sigh***

3. Auditions were this week for the Spring Play at North Star.....Josh and Zack both auditioned. Hope they both get parts. Soda the name of the play, anyone ever heard of it?

4. Zack backed my van into the my van has a nice ouchie...well, to be honest, it's not so nice. Now when he's driving I have to say...."Hey, watch out!! There's a house there!"

5. Megan is bored out of her friends close by, not interested in making jewelry lately. I'm not sure what to have her do....

6. I'm really really really sick of winter....where is Spring?

7. Matthew is being a big help lately with playing with the kids...thanks Matthew!

8. I'm really wishing for a trip to Utah.

9. I just finished reading a Mary Higgens Clark book...I like her books, very entertaining.


Susan said...

Kim I feel for ya. Emily and I went out for a drive tonight. She did a great job. Pulling into the garage is a very tight squeeze though, so I almost have to guide her in like the men do with air planes. She wanted to drive to school tomorrow, but I think we need some more practice in heavier traffic before we try that.
Oh boy Joe! How long has he been on the medication you talk about? It sometimes takes a good two weeks for it to settle in. And as you stated it might not be the right one for him.
Hmmmmm....what happened to the owners manuals that were supposed to come with each one of the kids when they were born? I think I must have lost all of mine. Too bad it doesn't work that way huh?
Hang in there girl.

Lia said...

Kim, Glad you're healthy. Sorry about Joe. I know it must leave you feeling so desperate. A trip to Utah sounds like a nice thing!! Oooo, ouch, poor van. CALL ME!

Anonymous said...


J and M said...

I'm not sure what he's taking but if it's a drug like Adderall, it can indeed make aggression worse. Look up Dr. Daniel Amen online, he has some very very interesting and helpful suggestions and he is one of the few docs in the country who uses brain scans and knows what he's talking about. Drop me a line if you'd like more thoughts on this, since that's my line of work....marni

Lara said...

I remember Cameron had a really hard time with preschool and Kindergarten. Now in Grade six, he's learned to handle emotions better and has found HIS stride. It does come! No without MANY prayers from this Mom so I know how you feel. And I have read ALL of Mary Higgins Clark's books!

Michelle S. said...

I love you, Kim.

You are in my prayers.

Hang in there, sister. It will all be worth it. Just remember, Jesus Christ will make everything right.

Cindy said...

This too shall all pass! I hope you know that you are loved by so many and Heavenly Father. I hope that will help you through those rough moments!
You have a good sense of humor with the car! That's a good thing cause I don't know if I would be joking!