Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some Stuff

1. Happy Birthday to my hubby...he's 40 now, the same as me. It's about time, maybe now Joe will stop reporting..."my mom is older than my dad" to anyone who will listen.

2. I've been sick since Friday, it came upon me like a tidal wave and I was not ready for it! Spent Friday Afternoon and most of Saturday in bed. I am not a good sick person...I am that person who tells everyone over and over again "I'm sick" until they are all yelling in unison "WE KNOW!"

3. Joe is on Aderall XR and has been for about 3 weeks now. His behavior at school was getting worse and hopefully this will help...so far....I'm not sure, I'll have to let you know. Life just seems hard for him right now. He wants what he wants when he wants it and when it doesn't happen like he imagined it's not a pretty sight. It's a work in progress....

4. Finances and Stress...not dealing well with either one of 'em.

5. The older boys are really into Speech...now, this a is a whole world I knew nothing about. They are both excelling at it and I'm happy for them...but don't enjoy all the time they spend away.....

6. We are considering having Megan skip to 9th grade next year. I just think it would be a good thing...just a gut feeling on my part. She is thrilled at the idea but will have to prove to me that she's ready.

7. Hannah is loving her new daycare and I am tickled about it.

8. I'm so ready for winter to be over with...I really don't like it.

9. We're in a new ward...it's hard. I have a calling....enrichment leader (is it called something else now?)

10. I've been feeling rather blue and I'm sure this post portrays some of my feelings. I miss Utah...I really wish I could just get over it and move on....I'll keep trying.

ps...did I mention that I'm sick?


Lia said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. That bites! And it always seems to make dealing with other issues that much more difficult. Hang in there!

Julie said...

I miss you, my friend. If you're like me, you keep thinking life will get easier, but it doesn't. I don't know if it helps to know someone understands, but I do. Love you!

Steph and Jeff said...

Oh, Kim. Your post made me feel sad. Hope that tomorrow is more Yellow and less Blue. (Yellow is a happy color right)?

Diantha said...

Miss you guys! Hope you feel better soon!

Lara said...

I too am sad you're sad. I have felt the winter blues too and am looking forward to the renewing of spring. Hang in there - we're all here with ya no matter what part of the world we're in!

Bobi said...

If Megan skips to 9th grade, I'm sure she'll love it! I'm sure I'd love it, if I were in her place! Good luck on making that decision. It's a big one!

Also, I hope that you get feeling better soon. I know it's hard to stay positive and optimistic when you are not feeling well. Hang in there! We're all rooting for you!