Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank You Aunties!!

My sweet sister and Aunt sent Hannah a ton of new clothes! I am more thankful that I can ever I thought I'd add some pictures of her in her new clothes. Hannah came up with the poses all on her own.....maybe she'll be a model?
Joe holding Hannah "like a bride".

I wish they were always so loving!


Julie said...

So cute! And so nice to get some girly things in a house full of boys!

Lia said...

Yay, for Aunties!! I love the booty pose. Exactly what kind of model are we goin' for!? Hee hee!

Michelle Schafer said...

I love the last one, on the porch! And I LOVE the pink one with the plaid skirt! SO CUTE!

I love those Aunties! They are the best, ever!!!!!!!!!!

Alison W. said...

Hannah is such a dolly! I think she has a future as a fashion model!!

Michelle said...

Cute Hannah!