Thursday, September 10, 2009

Retakes *edited*

Last week I went in for a first. And it was just as awful as everyone says it is. You stand at this machine and a woman (thankfully not a man) pushes and pulls and arranges your boob onto to this little platform thing and then the smasher thing comes down and presses down so hard that you are just sure you're going to pop and then the woman says "Are you okay?"....NO I AM NOT OKAY!!! My boob is being squeezed to death! what you want to say.....but what you say is "Yes...I'm fine". Then the woman comes over and rearranges your boob into another lovely pose and again the smasher thing comes down and squeezes it even flater this time....and then she says again....are you okay? and you want to say "NO!!! I AM GOING TO DIE HERE!!!....but what you say is "I'm fine"...while tears are coming to your eyes. Then it's your other boobs turn!

Yesterday the hospital called...they need to get retakes on my poor boobs....there are some dense areas that they need to take a closer look at....OH GOODY!

Went and got them was not fun but I'm glad to report that I'm lumps or bumps...just dense breasts.


Tammi said...

Hope all goes well.. I am thinkong of you. Tammi

Lia said...

Ooo! Good luck, hope everythings okay.

Alisa said...

I'm glad you're ok. I WISH I had dense breasts! Mine seem to be doing everything they can to reach my knees!