Monday, April 13, 2009


I had to work on Saturday but I skipped my lunch and got off early and raced home to take the kids to the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. They had a grand time! Megan and Matthew participated in the egg toss instead of getting eggs..they had fun too.
It was sad and hard not to be with extended family but we had a nice time together anyway. We sure miss Utah at times like this!
I'm so thankful for my faith and for my Savior.

All the kids before they went on a hunt to find their baskets.

Hannah found hers behind a pillow on the dog's kennel.

Matthew's was in the dishwasher.
Joe found his next to the sofa.

Josh found his basket in a drawer in the entertainment center.

Megan was the last to find her was in the computer desk cabinet.

Zack found his was in the top of the closet with all the games.
He was sneeking candy BEFORE his insulin shot...what was his sugar when he finally checked it? 247!

Everyone with their loot.


Julie said...

I love the idea of hiding the baskets in the house, I'll have to remember that. We were talking about Easter egg hunts and Jacob asked why they never actually hid the eggs at the Balmoral hunts. They had a good time, though.

Steph and Jeff said...

My Mom still does Scavanger hunts for us. She doesn't really want to, but it wouldn't be Easter without it and we would actually feel like adults. I see that Joe is wearing underwear, but no pants. It I had to choose pants with no unders is better than unders with no pants. :)

Brenda Scarlett said...

cute ideda on hiding the baskets!!! how fun!

~Sister Boogie Woman said...


It looks like you had a fun time! We are thinking about you all!

Lia said...

Good to see the kids having a great time. Poor Zach, that whole shot thing must be hard to wanna do. happy easter!

kim said...

I want to see a picture of Aaron with the ears on!

Piano Mom said...

I really love the idea of making the kids search for their baskets! Do you give them clues or just let them look?

Lara said...

Cameron found his behind the couch downstairs - Devon found his IN the basketball hoop outside - and Richard found his in Chuck's car! We had a fun Easter weekend too!

Alisa said...

Wow, you are on top of things! You are awesome! Hope you have a good day!