Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baseball Fever

Here we go! Josh and Matthew are both doing Little League this year. I found out today that Josh will have practices Monday and Wednesday nights and Matthew will have them Tuesday and Thursday nights. Matthew had his first practice today....he really liked it, this will be his first year playing. This is Josh's 5th year playing. They do this strange thing here...the team names are the company's name who is sponsering them. So, Matthew's is the Meeske Custom Trim team. And Josh's is The McDonald's team. I liked it better in Utah where they had actual baseball team names.....oh well. So, I guess I'll be doing a lot of listening to books on CD as I shuttle them to their practices and games every week. Right now I'm listening to a Mary Higgins Clark, I'm actually excited to have to drive so I can try to figure out who the killer is...anywho! Baseball ROCKS!


Lia said...

Have fun!

~Sister Boogie Woman said...

I truely wish that we had someone that plays baseball around here!! I love to watch! The shuttling, not so much, but worth it.


Alison W. said...

I remember when Kyle used to give me "daddy kisses", it made me wonder if I should kiss Ron in front of him, that was a hard one to correct. This makes me laugh. But you're right enjoy it while you can.