Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Giving Thanks

We had a lovely Thanksgiving even though I was feeling so bummed we could not be with extended family this year. I decided to make all the good stuff...stuffing, mashed potatoes, Megan made the sweet potato casserole (it was my favorite), we also had jello salad, corn pudding, rolls, cranberry sauce, Aaron made the gravy. I made chocolate pies in honor of the Murray Schafers! We also had pumpkin pie, but Sam's club made that one! It was so so yummy! The kids were good and posed for tons of pictures for me....I'm not exactly sure why Hannah was combing her hair at the table...such is life with a three year old.

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving we got out all the Christmas stuff. The little ones were so excited to decorate our tree...the giant ornaments were made at Sister Scarlett's home....Hannah and Joe love going over there on the days Aaron and I both work and she always does such fun things with them.....thanks Brenda! Every year I love getting out all the ornaments and decorations and remembering how the kids made some of them and how so many of them came from my girlfriend exchange (that I'm so sad to miss this year). Many of my decorations were handmade by thoughtful friends and family. I love getting out the old Santa I made long ago, the Christmas before Zack was born, with my wonderful Sister in law, Michelle. Hey Michelle...along with the memory of the Santa class comes the memory of the bow class we took the same day! That's when Michelle found out what a tantrum I can throw (I can not tie a bow to save my life, and I find that quite unfair!)
Although this Christmas Season is such a hard one for us....being so far from family and old friends......the economy being so bad (Aaron works commission only)........and I'm having my share of break downs...thanks Jenny, Cindy and Rebekah for being there so much for me.......I am truly thankful for all that we have...I'm thankful for my testimony......I'm thankful for my family and for my faith. I'm thankful for our Savior and this time we get every year to reflect on him and his example to and for us. Life is good.....trials and all!


Piano Mom said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope your holidays are memorable and sweet!

Lara said...

It's been six years and I STILL miss all the Balmoral girls during the holidays! Merry Christmas to you Kim and know that I have had my share of breakdowns this month too!

~Michelle Schafer said...

We missed you too! I am so laughing that you made chocolate pies! That is a tradition from my dad, the chocolate nut. (I inherited that from him!)

Here I am, wondering how you are and how work is.

I love the picture of you and Zack. You are so beautiful.

Cindy said...

Your thanksgiving sounds very wonderful, even though I know you would have wished to be with family.
I like the idea of a ornament exchange. Maybe we need to start that here?
I love the pictures as always and the tree is beautiful! I love Christmas trees!!!