Saturday, September 6, 2008

Marching, Football, and Teenagers

On Friday night I took Josh to his first marching band was North Star's first football game. Megan was a love and stayed home to watch the little ones...thank you Megan! Josh got into his cute outfit (I will need to take a cute picture next time) and sat in the bleachers with the rest of the cutely outfitted marching band members. Zack showed up later with his friends and he even came and sat next to me for a bit, I was blessed with a hug too! The North Star Gators started the game right and scored right away. Then the Southwest Silverhawks scored and then it went back and forth the whole game until we were tied at the end....we went into double overtime and ended up winning the game 40-39. What excitement!! The Marching band did so awesome for their first performance of the year..I felt so proud of Josh as he played his sax and did all those formations. Yay for him! As I sat there in the bleachers there were some things running through my mind...they were...

1.Next time I hope I can bring someone with me...I felt a bit lonely.
2. I'm so glad my kids are so involved in school....I watched them having fun with their friends and being a part of something where they felt included and comfortable. And it's something wholesome and good for them.
3. Football games are a great place for people watching!! Wow!! There were many times when I remembered "Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to be watching the game".
4. I was freezing!! I mean the cold, shivering kind of feet were numb and my bones felt chilled...I was wearing a sweat shirt and tennis shoes!! When I got to my van at the end of the game I checked the outside temp (I love that about my van!!) and it was......57!! Okay...if 57 is cold to me...what will I feel like in a few weeks when it's 12? Man, I must be a whimp!
5. The thought that ran through my mind through the whole game was this...MAN I'M SO GLAD I'M NOT A TEENAGER ANYMORE!! Did I ever act so dumb? I just don't think so....did I mention how great the people watching was?


Lia said...

Loved # 5, that was funny. I think we've always been as mature as we are now!! Weren't we?

Julie said...

I'm with you on the people watching AND being grateful not to be a teenager anymore. YUCK!

~Michelle Schafer said...

Okay, I have been missing this post! I just happened to scroll down and it was there! I was stuck on thinking about Grandma.

But there was a bonus post that I missed!

I am DYING to see Josh in his marching band uniform!!

#5 is why it takes me about a year to feel comfortable in any calling I receive to be in Young Women.

Jacque said...

Yes, unfortunately we were that imature and silly. It was fun at that time though, don't you think? You are a great Mom to go with and watch, even if it wasn't the game you were watching. I get very distracted by people as well. You were freezing because you have no body fat! Good luck with that this winter while I sit nice and toasty warm in my blubber.