Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Megan

Today my sweet daughter is 12! She is so excited to move up to Young Womens at church. I just can't believe how fast these years have gone. I wish I had a scanner so I could scan in some of her baby pictures. I just can't say how exciting it was to know we were having a baby girl after having our two boys. Out of all of my kids she was the fastest and most painful birth. (not counting the C section I had with Hannah). I think my first thoughts of her when she was born were that she was just so beautiful! She already had these long eyelashes and so much hair....she was so hairy she even had hair on her ears and on her back. I'm sure she's glad that is no longer the case...lol...From the beginning she has been such a joy. She was such a sweet calm baby and always seemed to be able to entertain herself. She has always marched to the beat of her own drummer. She's so independent and always has been. I remember when she was little, like 3 years old she wanted her room to be pitch black while she slept with her door closed!! She was so blessed to have a sweet friend named Sadie when she was little..they did everything together and got along so well. A few of my favorite memories of her are.....when she was around 3 or so I asked her to tell me a secret and she whispered in my ear that she knew where some wishes were...I asked her to show me and she took me outside and pointed to some dandelions......Another one when she was 3....she came downstairs and said "Mom, look at my cute haircut." She had cut her hair into a mullet!!! After I took her to have it "fixed", I took her right over to the mall to have her ears pierced. I remember how sad she was when we found out we were having a boy when I was pregnant with Joseph...she cried and cried all these silent tears. Then when we brought him home she cried and cried again....I brought him into her room and layed him in her arms and told her how special she was because she was his only sister...it was such a tender moment and from then on she just loved him. She is so talented in her jewelry making. She loves beading and hopes to open her own shop someday. She is very motivated by money...of all of my kids I see her being the money maker! I remember once when she was around 5 Judith Everett called me and asked if I knew she was going door to door selling her toys. Ha ha! She is such a good babysitter and so loving with Joe and Hannah. I love her more than words can say....she is my dear daughter and friend. Happy happy birthday Megan!!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Megan!

Jacque said...

Happy Birthday Megan! How fun to hear all your fun memories Kim. She is such a cute girl. She is going to love being 12. Chelsea is loving young women's and all the fun stuff that comes along with being 12, middle school, etc.