Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One Act

It's time for the One Acts (high school kids perform a one act play at festivals and then district competitions and hopefully on to STATE!) This year they are performing Oliver Twist. I'm excited to see how they cut this down to a one act...no longer than 30 minutes. Megan and Josh are both involved...Megan is in the ensemble and Josh is playing Fagan.
They will be performing this play with English accents....I already know what this means for our home....everyone is British now, or at least trying to be.....even the littles are speaking like lit'l poppets.

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Susan R said...

I love Oliver Twist. I find myself singing "Consider Yourself One of Us" frequently.
By the way...glad to know I'm not the only one to peruse the kiddos Halloween candy to see if there might be something in there I like. Luckily for them I am picky about my candy, so I don't take too much.