Friday, November 4, 2011

New Coat

I am a thrift store shopper. I love a good deal and hate to pay full price for anything! I went to several thrift stores and was not able to find a coat for Joe, who is 8. Today Aaron found out the school had been loaning a coat to Joe to go out for recess (embarrassing) So, Aaron and I decided to buy him a brand new coat. It's so sparkly and shiny! Well, maybe not sparkly or shiny but it's new and it's cool, Joe told me so. He was so sweet and so thankful.

This is the actual coat he picked...couldn't find a good picture, I guess I'll take one with him wearing it sooner or later..

I'm not sure who's bright idea it was to create a ginormous Reeses Peanut Butter Cup (each cup weighs a half lb!!), I saw on the way into Sears (where we purchased Joe's coat), but I'm pretty sure they are EVIL and working with the DEVIL! I sure do want one.....


Julie said...

I get a sugar headache just looking at the Reeses!

Susan R said...

I just bought the first installment of winter coats for my kiddos. Wishing I would have checked Costco before I bought the ones from L.L. Bean. They are nice coats, but they come with a very ugly price tag.
About those PB cups. I say they should make a family size model in those. One that you can slice like a pie. I think it should be the size of a frisbee.
Now exactly where can I find me one of those 1/2 pounders?