Friday, October 14, 2011

Witchcraft HOO HA HA!

Last week was North Star High School's production of The Crucible. This is the first year we have a new drama teacher, Brenda Broeker and I just can't say how impressed I am with her. It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I can not believe these were high school students!! One of the kids' father took some awesome photos on parents night. Josh played John Proctor. His performance was so wonderful and everynight I cried and cried at the end. I was sad that there were no photos of Megan during the court scene but did a good job. This was her first speeking part! Again, I just can not say enough how wonderfuly Josh's performance was....that boy is talented....and I'm his mom!

To see all the pictures go to

Oh, and the title...this is the chant the kids would yell out after their huddle each rehearsal and show days....I got to witness this a couple cool!

Scenes from the play...pretty much in order.....if you do not know the is a little synopsis.....John Proctor had an affair with Abigail Williams but he has since repented, but Abigail still wants him so she and her friends get together in the woods and Tituba makes a charm, which Abigail drinks to curse Elizabeth Proctor..for you see, she wants to be his wife. The girls get caught and end up blaming many of the town folk of witchcraft to deflect the blame from all these people get arrested...including Eliabeth Proctor. John is pretty upset about this...John has an evil temper! So, he gets his housemaid (who was one of the girls in the forest) to admit the girls are lying about all the townspeople. Well, Abigail, gets all the girls to gang up on the Proctor's housemaid, Mary, and she ends up saying John Proctor is a wizard and he made her sign her name in the devils book......and John gets arrested. The judge and the magistrate end up sentencing many to hang....they realize that the girls were lying but not until after many have died for they can not admit they were wrong so they try to get Elizabeth Proctor to have her husband admit to witchcraft so others will follow and they won't have to hang. John at first decides he wants to live and admit to witchcraft even though it's a lie....he then after much heartache (and a stellar performance from my son) that he can't lie and ruin his name....he hangs at the end (with my daughter Martha Corey).

This was so much work for these kids!! I am amazed at the grace in which they handled the subject matter. This play was written by Arthur Miller in 1952 and was based on the real witch trials of 1692 in Salem Massachussetts. The characters are all based on real people.


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Looks awesome! You are lucky to be able to get some great entertainment at a cut rate price.

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