Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some Stuff

* We (Zack, Greg (Zack's boyfriend) Matthew, Joe and Hannah and I) made our trip to Utah for Zack's new student orientation at the U of U. It was such a wonderful, lovely trip. It just wasn't long enough and I didn't get to see everyone I wanted and didn't get nearly enough time with my brother and sister in law's family. Lucky for me I'm going back at the end of July. So, hopefully I'll get to see all my friends....we need to do a girls night out or something!

*The U of U is such a beautiful and BIG school. I'm so excited for Zack. I never went to college and I'm so proud of him. I know he will be a big success in whatever he decides as a career.

*We left our Joe there with my sister. We took her Zane with us. I miss Joe but must admit the house is very quiet without him. 6 weeks is a long time though. I know he's having a good time there and being spoiled rotten by Aunt Jenny and Aunt Jo. Hannah misses him but she's surviving. It's been so cool having Zane with us. He's growing up and has been so kind and considerat to me....I think he needs to give my kids lessons.

*Megan was supposed to go on a pioneer trek for Youth Conference with our church. She begged and begged not to go. She even came up with a contract of all the things she would do for us if we didn't make her go. She HATES camping with all of her heart and unfortunately she doesn't have anyone she feels close to in our youth group...which is basically just her and another girl. So, we compromised. She went to the first day, which consisted of going to the Temple and then having games and a sleepover in the barn on a farm of one of our church members. She still has to do everything on the list....My favorite thing on the list is....I get to hug her anytime I want all summer long and she has to hug me back. She also said she'd do anyone's chores who are not home. and basically anything I ask her to do. I wish she'd gone on Trek but have to admit the hugs are quite nice.

*Work has been crazy busy for me. Because I work overnight I get to see some interesting people. Nothing like summer to bring out the crazy, drunkiness in people....among other things.

*Josh just got home from his trip to California. He and his girlfriend, Tori, stayed with my Dad and his wife Carolyn. They had a grand time. I'm glad he's home....i missed him. Thanks DAD!!

*Life is busy.

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Cindy said...

Wow Kim, your kids are growing up. Sounds like they are all doing well. Good for Zach going to the U. I bet he'll do great. We'll have to have a big Balmoral reunion sometime when your in town.