Thursday, June 30, 2011


We saw Transformers in 3D last night (thank you Jen Jen!). At the end Hannah came up to me and....

Hannah: I almost cried at the end

Me: Why?

Hannah: Because it was almost like a wedding, and people cry at weddings.

Now, when you see this movie you will know that this if funny....that she would get that out of it.

Joe has been at my Aunt and Sister's house in Utah. I think this is such a good experience for him and I love hearing about the things he's doing and saying. He recently found out about the laundry chute in Grandma Jo's bathroom.....

Joe: Tell me the truth! Has Zane ever jumped down the chute?

Jenny: No, did you go down the chute?

Joe: No, I was thinking about it but I decided if I did I'd probably break both my legs.

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