Thursday, December 16, 2010


One night a couple weeks ago we were watching The Office. Aaron and I were on the sofa and Joe was playing on the floor in the area behind the sofa. You would think I would of learned by now that even though it appears kids are not listening...they really are. In this particular episode of The Office someone was advising Michael to only talk about things he knew something about.... to which he replied "Like boobs?" The someone then asked Michael "What do you know about boobs?" And this is when our seven year old son who was playing army men on the floor stood up and yelled out "THEY ARE BIG AND ROUND!! LIKE CIRCLES!!"


Susan said...

Don't we all wish they were big and round? What might have started out big and round have slowly decreased in size after 5 children and have started to go south. I think some surgical intervention is going to be needed sooner rather than later.
Good answer Joe.

Lia said...