Sunday, July 25, 2010

This week

Matthew turned 12! I remember when he was born and was so cute with his head of lots of beautiful red hair! Well, he still has the red hair and LOTS of it! I asked him to please get his hair wet before we had cake....he got his shirt wet too....such a boy! Anyway...he's growing into a fine young man. He has discovered that reading is kinda fun this summer...he takes trips to the library on his bike to get movies, books and wii games...that has been a wonderful discovery for us...wii games at the library! He plays with the little kids and fights with them too....such a brother....and he also loves taking care of our dogs. I'm super proud of him and the young man he's becoming.

We also have become foster parents! My friend had a little sweet dachshund who needed a loving home. I immediately thought of my in laws....they already have a doxie and so Aaron called them and they said they would love to have cute little boy, we are fostering him until my sister comes in August and can take him to his forever home. He is so cute and sweet and is already puppy pad trained....I think it may be very hard to say goodbye....Murphy is overjoyed to have another playmate...Molly is just tolerant.


Lia said...

Happy Birthday Matthew! They're growing so quickly! This is the yeaer they change from child to young adult! So fun, so scary!

Allison Burris said...

Aww!! The puppy looks so happy! Glad he got a good foster home, and a good forever home! :)

Susan said...

My little man loves the library for wii games too, however, here's what's been happening. They forget their library cards, check things out on my account and now I have 12.00 in over due fines. 12.00! I just about had a heart attack.