Friday, July 30, 2010

more cuteness and a another birthday

Is this not the cutest face you've ever seen? I wrote about our foster dog last time and we have more pictures of the little ball of adorableness....we are calling him Jasper. My in laws already have a dachshund named Diamond so we thought it fitting to pick a name for this dog that has to do with rocks and first we thought Rockford and call him Rocky...but Jasper was more least we think so, we'll see if the in laws keep the name. Molly and Murphy have become very attached to him very quickly....they are going to miss him...we are too!

My little Joshy turned 16!!! Did you hear that??? 16!!!!~ I remember him being my little cuddle bug. He was so sweet and snuggly. He was also so full of mischief...I remember when he'd sneak off to the bathroom and create "potions" in there with whatever he found in the cupboards and medicine cabinet. I remember the time he rubbed gold bond cream all over his face and head and when I asked him why he did that he told me "I had to". I remember the time he turned on the faucet on the water heater and drained the entire thing all over the basement floor. And the time he unwound the entire box of film (remember film?) we'd just bought at Costco....six rolls!!! all ruined!!! and when asked "why did you do that?", his answer was "because I had to fix them.". Now he's 16 and he has his drivers it the day after he turned 16....when did I....I mean he, get so old????

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Lia said...

Happy Birthday Josh!!