Monday, March 29, 2010

It's not funny....oh but it so is!!

Yesterday after church Josh and Matthew were in the backyard playing catch. It's one of those moments all mothers love..when your kids are getting along and you just watch thinking "this is the best moment ever." I was standing in the kitchen watching when Zack decided to go out and join in. Now, if you know Zack, you know he's not a baseball all. So, it was so funny when he decided to try hitting the ball with the bat after watching Josh throw up the ball and try to hit it several times. Josh throws the ball and Zack hits it!! Three times in a row. I was laughing, because it was funny...truly funny to watch how he was hitting it...maybe you just had to be there. Then they traded places and Zack was throwing the ball to Josh to hit with the bat and Josh missed it...then he missed it again....and missed it again! The fourth time he HIT IT!....right into Zack's privates! Oh my....I know it shouldn't of been funny...but it was! I peed my pants....really, I had to change. You'll be glad to know that after crawling into the house and lying on the sofa for a while he has fully recovered.


Suzie said...

Too funny! Thanks for the chuckle! Addy is sitting on my lap, laughing along, which only makes me laugh harder.

Julie said...

I always wonder when I watch America's Funniest Home Videos why that is such a popular target.