Monday, January 18, 2010


This is Megan

And these are Megan's feet

These are the shoes Megan usually wears.

When it's cold and snowy these are the shoes she wears.

Just imagine the joy her mother felt when she used her Christmas money to buy these! REAL's a MIRACLE!

She gave her mom a big hug.
The End


Michelle said...

Cute story! :D

Michelle S. said...

That is my favorite story. Ever.

Lia said...

Ha ha ha!! Funny! But I think you got the end wrong. It looks like she was not a willing participant in the hugging. Could it be she's a teenager?!

Steph and Jeff said...

That is so cute. But Kim I remember you wearing flip flops when it is freezing outside. Like mother like daughter.

Alisa said...

Love it! :)