Monday, October 5, 2009


I really really wish I could keep my tears to myself!

I wish I could be super smart.

I wish I could know exactly what to say and when to say it.

I wish I could make everything all better.

I wish could keep those dang darn stupid tears to myself!!!


Lia said...

Sharing our tears, and finding a strong shoulder are the things that make friendships stronger. Not everything is to be shared with everyone, but if you have a good confidant don't be afraid to let the tears flow.

K+N+N+A said...

You have a lot to carry. :) Call me if you ever need to spill.


Tammi said...

It really is better to share you tears, you don't want to live bottled up inside.. Call me anytime if you need to..

Michelle S. said...

I envy that you can cry. I don't like that you have to, but I do wish that I could cry more than I do.

I love that you have such good feelers. I really do.

Call me if you need to!