Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Megan has been into beading (jewelry making) since she was 8. She is so good at it! She had the opportunity (thanks Brenda!!) to join our friend at a craft fair recently....and now has the opportunity to go with Brenda again to "The Mother of all Garage Sales" a very big arena of booths....anyway..we are in need of some good ideas for a name for her business...she hasn't liked any of the ones I've come up with....because her mom can't possibly have any good ideas!! So, please help her with a good name for her business...we need to make some signs and business cards for her. The picture is a sampling of her fine workmanship. Thanks!!!


Steph and Jeff said...

I don't have any ideas but it is so true that Mom's don't have good ideas when you are Megan's age. Come to think of it I still feel that way sometimes.

Alison W. said...

Megan does such a great job. Don't have any ideas, but I will keep thinking

Anonymous said...

How about "BEADazzled" LOL love Rebekah

~Sister Boogie Woman said...

Megadoodle or Megans Doodle


Boogie Woman Beadery

Boogie Woman Beads

My Little Sister or Lil' Siss

Pocket full of beads

Beady-Dee-Dee or Beady D.D.

Boing-Boing Curls

Tattle Tail Beads

Cat in the Bag Beads

Bossy Bessy Beadery

My Girl

'Bossy'nova Beady

Sweet Peas

Sunny Side Up




I'm out of time, so I have to stop for now. I'll keep thinking but I think my fav. that I have suggested so far is probally Snickerdoodles or Tattle-Tail.

~Sister Boogie Woman said...

Trinket Belle


~Trinket Belle~

Lia said...

Wow, I couldn't come up with anything, then I read Michelle's ideas. Wow. Still nothing, but I do like Trinket Belle.

How about:
Sweet Meg's

Just playing with her name.