Monday, March 23, 2009

A Diabetic Update

We now know that Zack has antibodies in his blood...what kind of antibodies, you wonder....I don't know...but he has them and this means something...but I'm not sure what. All I know is that he must continue to be on insulin and he is to cut his dosage of Metformin in half...and we are still not sure if he's type 1 or type 2.....and we are looking for a new Dr......Again! We will have to go to Omaha...there's only one Endocrinologist here in Lincoln...I hear that he's "the best in Lincoln" hard is that when he's the only one??? So, I've been given a name of a Dr in was given to me by our pharmacist who is also Diabetic. Wish us luck!

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Lia said...

Good luck!
Antibodies in the blood may (I'm guessing) show that there is something that the body is trying to fight off. The concern would be that diabetics have difficulty fighting off infections? Totally guessing, but a good question to ask the doctors.