Thursday, February 5, 2009

on a sugar high

So, we are still waiting for results to find out if Zack is type 1 or type 2 diabetes.....but again were told today that they are pretty sure he's type 1. He now has to check his blood sugar before eating and then again two hours after eating. He's on Lantus at night and and he started novolog 15 minutes before each meal today. His blood sugar has been 400 or higher after each meal..that's why he's starting the novolog today. Many things have run through my head today....why didn't I take him in sooner. He hasn't looked well...he's looked overly tired all the time and I just thought it was normal teenage stuff. I'm just feeling so bad for him...wondering how his body is doing after a couple months of consistently high sugar levels. I'm so glad that in time we can get him back on track and get him feeling better. I'm looking forward to getting a final diagnosis and learning what he/we can do to help him through this.

Last night was pretty comical....his first insulin shot. He is to put the shot in his belly. At first he thought it would be a piece of cake, giving himself a shot..then when the time actually came he was frantic..."I can't do it, mom. I can't do it! have to do it!!!"....I was thinking there was no way I could do it...but I did and he hardly felt it at all and it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be to stick that needle in him. Today he is still too chicken to do it himself...I did it again. I know he'll be able to do it soon...but until then...I'll be the bad guy. Then there's the way we seem to deal with stress...humor! This morning I took the boys (Zack and Josh) to McDonalds for breakfast (a rare treat). I treated myself to a coke...yum! Zack asked me if it was reply "No...I don't have diabetes!"....LOL.....and then when I asked him to get the tray of garbage and throw it away..his answer...."I would, but I can't....I have diabetes."......I'm glad we joke about it...but it is so scary....I realize his life is going to be different for him. I must say how thankful I am for my job. My insurance is so so so much better than the insurance Aaron had through his work. I can look back and see how our struggles have led us to where we are. Had Aaron not been having a hard time at work...I would not of gone back to work....we would have had a HUGE out of pocket expense. I just feel so thankful that the financial part of all this will not be a giant burden. I'm thankful my boy is getting the help he needs. I'm thankful to my wonderful family and friends who have listened to me and will be listening to me...thank you thank you! Love to all!


Lia said...

Ya gotta love humor! But sometimes life still overwhelms us. Give me a call if you find yourself there. I know you have lots of support, but I'd like to hear from ya.

Julie said...

I was frantic about having to give myself shots when I was pregnant with NOah. I'd watched my mom do it for years, but still thought it would hurt. In a few months, he'll be a pro! Isn't it interesting how things that seem like trials turn out to be blessings? Love you!


My good friend was diagnosed with it when we were sophomores. It was hard at first, but got better. I'm sure Zack will do great.